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You should be aware there are many types of CCTV Systems available on the market. We can supply all different types of cameras, to suit your needs. Recently we have had a 11% increase in fitting cameras in domestic properties, protecting garden sheds, diveways/cars and even indoors.

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Our huge range of Systems meet a wide range or applications, whether required for identifcation uses, or deterrents, we will mix and match to the specifications in which you require.

As well as fitting CCTV Systems, we can also access existing units gaining playback information, we can uplink your system to the internet, to watch them anywhere in the world with a local internet linkup, on a computer, laptop, 3G Phone, Iphone’s and now even some Blackberry’s, and we can also add extra cameras to already in use systems. We already support customers in accessing files from DVR’s around the area.

All our installation include a 12 months parts warranty, and a 6months back check to make sure everything is working how it should be. This includes call outs for minor problems.

We offer great packages, as well as single or custom systems, to many of the following sectors;
* Retails Shops & Shopping Centers
* Banks & Society Buildings
* Pubs & Clubs
* Hotels
* Car Parks & Parking Bays
* Factory / Processing Units
* Farms & Greenland Areas
* Motorway & Street
* Government Buildings (Local Authorities: Police, Fire Bridge, Hospitals)
* Airports
* House / Public Owned Property / Garages / Gardens
* 12v/24v In Vehicle Systems (for most vehicles including emergancy vehicles)

If you require more information on any of the above, please call us and we will be happy to assist you in any information you may need